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Homemade Healthy Vegetarian Indian Food

Our priority is on healthy Indian food you could eat everyday. You will be surprised to see how much more there is to Indian cuisine than what you find at Indian restaurants. We hope to help you discover how people really eat in a culture rooted in the longest tradition of vegetarian cooking.

Let us take care of Meatless Mondays

Are you running out of ideas for what to cook when trying to eat less meat? With YogiBelly you will get to try a variety of new vegetarian dishes: pumpkin, black chick peas, squash, stuffed mini-eggplant, edo, lotus root, bitter melon, lentil kebabs in tart tumeric curry,... and more.

What's on the Menu?

When you dine with us, the meal is a surprise! We ask for your trust as you join us on the Yogi Belly culinary experience.


We aim to offer vegan menus 2-3 times a month. See below for a sample vegan menu.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We deliver all our food in reusable glass jars and bags so you don't have to feel guilty about the packaging. We also compost all kitchen trimmings.


We offer free delivery to the Plateau, Mile-End, Outremont and Rosemont. A surcharge may apply for delivery outside these areas.


Curious about what kind of food you might be trying out? Here are some sample menus

Sample Vegan Menu

Sample Vegetarian Menu

Some of our favorite dishes

Bhindi Masala


Chana Masala

Sweet Potato and Turnip Bharta



Gajar Mehthi

Suggested serving


Our Story

  • Keeping our family healthy

    We have always struggled in getting our kids to eat a varied healthy diet, that wasn't just chicken and bagels. What's more, we always strive to reduce our consumption of meat, but are often stuck in our meal planning with the North American tradition of a main course of meat, surrounded by some vegetables...or pasta..

  • Enter my mother-in-law

    She is from Delhi, India, and every time she comes over, she brings us an entire freshly cooked, vegetarian meal that even my kids love. What makes our "personal indian catering service" special, is that this is food you do not find at the typical indian restaurant: healthy vegetarian fare. What is most surprising is the variety: there is always at least one dish per week we have never seen in any indian restaurant. Pumpkin, black chick peas, squash, stuffed mini-eggplant, edo, lotus root, bitter melon, lentil kebabs in tart turmeric curry, etc... What's more, we never get that "post-indian restaurant hangover".

  • A bit about her

    She was a stay-at-home mom for thirty years, and since her kids left home, she has been thinking of ways to keep busy. She tried some odd-end warehouse jobs, but she always felt more useful when helping us. She wants to spend her energy doing things she has a true talent for: cooking healthy varied indian vegetarian food.

  • A bit about the idea

    She wants to scale up what she already does for us, and see if she can start a mini food service. Each week, you can sign up to receive the Meal of the week. Each meal includes three vegetarian dishes (which includes a bean) and a basmati rice (This is in fact exactly what she makes for us, and it is such a treat!).

  • A bit about the name

    The food is inspired by ayurvedic principles (vegetarian, fresh, seasonal). The food is healthy (emphasis on minimal cream and oil). The food is delicious. --> Yogi Belly.

Our Amazing Team

Sunita and Mohan

Head Chefs

Sameer and Marie-Pierre



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