Homemade Vegetarian, Vegan Meals

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We have tested our model, and the loyalty of our clients makes us very proud of our product. Subscribe to one of our eight-week subscriptions, and see for yourself how we offer an unbeatable value in terms of quality and service.



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Our Values

At the heart of YogiBelly, is a commitment to sustainable environmental practices. We put this in practice by delivering all our meals in glass jars, which are cleaned and sterilized between each use. We also strive to reduce food waste, by giving all extras from our kitchen to a community organization, Le Santropol Roulant. Finally, we encourage women who have a true talent for cooking but not a formal recognition of their skill set by offering them the opportunity to offer their products through our weekly add-ons.

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Yogi belly is delicious!! We are carnivores and were extremely satisfied!! The diversity, quantity and flavours were perfect. Thank you for feeding us.

Laura, Verdun

I love the food! Thanks so much. Light and healthy like you said.

Amber, Plateau Mont-Royal

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