YogiBelly: New Partnerships

During our time on this adventure, we have been continuously reflecting on and refining the YogiBelly Mission Statement: what values do we want to drive our business? What do we really want to accomplish? If it is not just about selling food, then what is it?

In working with Sunita (our YogiBelly Head Chef), we have witnessed how empowering such a partnership can be. In YogiBelly, Sunita has found a business infrastructure that allows her to turn her traditional cooking know-how, into the foundation of an albeit small, but successful enterprise. She has found immense satisfaction in facing new challenges, meeting new people, and indirectly be a part of our clients weekly meal-planning routines.

In fostering this kind of opportunity, we have seen what we want to build for the future of our business. Using the same business model, we hope to offer an experience similar to Sunita's, to other talented women in the city.

So this week, we introduce: Carmen.

Who is she?
Carmen was a schoolteacher in the Phillipines. She moved to Canada six years ago in order to help support her family back home. Through her work, caring for the elderly, she is now closing in on her ultimate objective: to have her children and husband join her here in Montreal.

What are we offering?
Over the course of our friendship with Carmen, we discovered her delicious, homemade vegetarian spring rolls! They have now become a staple in our freezer, and a centerpiece of our weekly lunch plans. So we are partnering with her so that she can try to sell her products on our YogiBelly platform!

Why is this different than any other add-on?
We are promoting this product more than others, and encouraging those who are interested to order early, because the pre-order/subscription model is what allows us to:
 - offer competitive pricing to our clients,
 - reduce food waste in our operations, and
 - pay fair wages and predictable income for partners like Carmen and Sunita.


So Order Now!

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Janice Macdonell

Hi Sameer,

I’d love to order some but it is unclear how to do so. How much are they and where can one pick them up?

Will look forward to hearing back from you! :-)

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