Our Story

Since the day we had kids, my Indian mother in law, Sunita, has helped us by bringing us a homemade vegetarian meal once a week. Through these weekly deliveries of a surprise meal, we have come to realize how unique and special it was to discover the incredible variety of the day to day authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine. Sunita has also always focused on making healthy food, always concerned with reducing salt, oil, garlic and cream.


There are so many Indian restaurants in Montreal, yet we often found that the menu was quite identical from one to another. We loved the idea of sharing with others in Montreal Sunita’s talent for homemade food, and one evening, we decided to go ahead, and create a structure where she could focus on her incredible talent, while we took care of all the other logistical challenges to get her food to people’s houses. Marie-Pierre had recently learned that her previous project management position had been closed due to budget cuts, so she decided to go ahead and lead what has become YogiBelly.  She had led many projects on food insecurity in the Arctic and in the South, and her Masters in Nutrition were probably going to be useful for this new adventure! She eventually was accepted at SAJE and was trained to learn more about having a small business.


We were pleasantly surprised to see the high level of interest in our service, and the small idea that was launched last Winter has now become a full time to job for her and Mohan. We are proud to also offer employment for others who have joined our team of 8!


At YogiBelly, we focus on healthy authentic Indian vegetarian food, delivered to your door in reusable glassware.