Please check our FOOD section for questions specifically about the food. If you don’t find your answer here, please contact us directly



  • Meal formats: we have two meal formats:
    • "Date Night": 500 mL of each of the 3 vegetarian dishes + 500mL of rice; makes for (at least) two adult portions
      • "Family Pack": 1 L of the protein based dish, and 2 x 750mL of each of the vegetarian dishes + 1L of rice, makes for (at least) four adult portions 


        • Add-ons: We offer a great variety of add-ons, such as naans, dosas and rasmalai from the Indian grocery store that you can choose from when you receive your delivery reminder email. These have become our own favourites! They are made in India and sold frozen. We also feature sauces and chutneys which are homemade and made from scratch.


        • Glass Jars: Environmental sustainability it at the heart of our values at YogiBelly and we aim to be as close as we can to Zero Waste. We deliver all our meals in glass jars. When you receive your second delivery, we take back the clean jars from the previous delivery. Those jars get cleaned again in our commercial dishwasher and sterilized, ready for a new round! The one-time fee we ask for with your first order covers the glass jars, lids which constantly get changed, the thermal bag along with the weekly cleaning and sterilization of the jars. As long as you order with us, we simply exchange the jars and bag. If you decide to not renew your subscription, the jars and bag are for you to keep.


        • Pausing deliveries: while we still assume that you will take your meals in straight consecutive weeks, you can always pause your subscription at any time, by just sending a quick email at least four days before your delivery date. Finally, there are no expiry dates on our subscriptions.


        • Delivery days: Depending on your neighbourood, your delivery will either be on Tuesday or on Wednesday. You can see the day for your neighbourhood on our order page


        • Deliveries are scheduled between 4:30 - 7:45 pm. We try to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but if you are not there during delivery, make sure to let us know where to leave the delivery, and if you can, please leave a small cooler bag with an ice pack for us.



        • Payment: You can be by credit card, interac e transfer, cheque (made out to Cuisine YogiBelly) or cash. Details at checkout. 


        • Placing an order: We accept orders for the following Tuesday or Wednesday until Saturday at midnight. Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation of your order by email.